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Sweet Sorella = Sweet Sister

Soooooo I’m supposed to tell you about us. Uuummmm, I don’t know what to say. I look at what other people say, and their blurbs are very well scripted and put together. But we decided to keep it real. So I think I’ll keep everything real ha ha ha.

To start with, we are sisters. Like that’s a surprise. So many clothing creations are done by sisters, so nothing unique there. Our names rhyme. Yep Narelle (me) and Janelle (the baby of us two), hence the name Sweet Sorella = Sweet Sister.

Ummmm, what else makes us different. We have three kids each, so we’re mums. Feel freaking old most days with a side of frumpiness ha ha ha. But we are who we are. We have fun, love a good laugh, great food, great friends and most of all family.

Then there is what we do – Sweet Sorella. It’s literally something we are fumbling through. We know what we like and we know how we want our clothes to look. But to make that happen isn’t as simple as the concept is. It’s hard. But we keep chipping away and we think you will love the results.

Everyone has black, white and denim in their wardrobe. Wardrobe basics right. And we all like to be comfy but look as though we made an effort. That’s why we love the kimono. It finishes a look, but we are comfy.

For Jel, it’s a fashion statement. For me, it covers all the lumps and bumps ha ha ha. But whatever the purpose, it’s a fashion statement, showing your personality and purpose.

Jel will go a little more adventurous in her styling. Me, I’m a classic look. Jel love’s understated tones. I’m all about colour and being bold. So opposite, but same same.

We hope you like what you see. The images are us. Yep it’s us keeping it real. But we hope it shows everyone how we are all unique and different, but the same.

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Nel & Jel