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Leopard Kimono in Season!!

Leopard Season

Leopard Kimono in Season!!

Everywhere we turn at the moment it’s all about the Leopard Print. And it’s huge this season. At Sweet Sorella believe we have created our best leopard print kimono yet. The Sweet Sorella White Leopard Kimono is perfect for any occasion and can be styled in so many way’s.

Get a load of some of our inspiration for you. Hopefully it will give you some ideas of how you would love to style your Sweet Sorella White Leopard Kimono.

In the five pictures above we have used wardrobe basics.

  1. Black Pants

  2. Black Cami

  3. Denim Shorts

  4. Black Leather Skirt

  5. Swimwear

Other ideas to help create more options with a Sweet Sorella White Leopard Kimono is putting it with;

  1. White Cami

  2. Denim Jeans

  3. White Tank

  4. Black Denim Skirt

  5. Denim Skirt

  6. Black Sports Leggings

  7. Black Tank

These are only the safe options, don’t be afraid to use colour.  This image shows how perfect a blue cami is with the Sweet Sorella White Leopard Kimono. It’s one of our favourite images.

wjite leopard kimono with blue cami


If you don’t have a White Leopard Kimono in your wardrobe yet, then you need to get your order in now!

 It’s actually going to be your favourite kimono.



With Love

Nel & Jel xx

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